Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interesting times

I've been wasting time this morning going around the net, checking tweets, news and being baffled generally.

The Middle East continues to astound.  I think that I need to do more reading on the whole area.  I find it hard to believe that all of this zeal has not been on the back burner for a long time and has just bubbled to the surface this year.  Is this yet another case where the entire news reporting system has been hijacked by government?  If so, I believe that it is time for the 'west' to stand up to their governments and do away with things like "Homeland Security" and all of the other 'need to know' basis organizations.  Transparency in all aspects of society would seem to be the best policy.  You only get hurt by lies.  We learn that as children.  Apparently, those in high office (be it the government, the military or large corporations) still have to finish maturing to understand that fact.

Mexico is another puzzle.  Such a wonderful people that have been reduced to peons by successive occupiers.  And now, they apparently are being kept in that role by their own oligarchists.  Yet more individuals who have to finish maturing so that they can properly tackle the forces of crime that so pervade too many lives in that wonderful country.

And then there is the USA!  The founding fathers thought they had it right when they made the government unworkable without cooperation.  Unfortunately, they did not foresee a system that could get so out of control that the populace would elect representatives with a mind set that is little better than middle school level.

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