Friday, March 9, 2012

Robocalls and Election Fraud

I am concerned with the topic which is consuming Parliament right now, election fraud. This issue concerns much more than Mr. Harper and the malaise which seems to have infused the Canadian Progressive Conservative Party. This is a matter which is at the heart of our democracy, the right to vote for the candidate of our choosing.

Mr. Harper's government has delivered on many things but openness and transparency are not even on the radar. The other parties have had their list of abuses but none have transgressed into the realm this scandal encompasses. We have moved beyond “dirty tricks” into the realm of fraud. A direct, illegal attack on the foundation of our democracy cannot go without a full investigation to restore the integrity of the electoral process.

For these reasons, I believe that the only course of action that can be taken by the government is to launch a full and open public inquiry. That would be the only means by which all Canadians could be sure that all of those, regardless of rank, who are responsible for the misleading calls would be brought to justice. If the present governing party is found to be responsible, I believe that justice could only be fully served by calling a general election. It is not a matter of one or two seats, it is a matter of preserving our democratic principles. If an election tactic that is blatantly illegal has been used in even one riding, that is cause for the entire election to be called into question. It is not enough for Mr. Harper to play the deny, deny, deny game this time. He must understand that the buck stops at his desk, call an inquiry and if his party is found responsible, resign his position and ask the Governor General to call a new election.

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