Sunday, December 11, 2011

Canada hopeful about climate treaty but others wary | CTV News

Canada hopeful about climate treaty but others wary | CTV News

Isn't it a sad thing when governments can take pride in some face saving in the midst of a crisis. While the industrialized world thinks that there is room for another four years of dithering, a couple of nations may sink under the rising ocean levels. When that happens, it will be "Oh, we had no idea it was that desperate!" I wonder if Tuvalu is going to seek redress from the United Nations over losing their entire country. I wonder how much faster the negotiations would have gone had some of the big countries faced losing enormous stretches of land.

At any rate, to everyone except perhaps the governments of the world and some idiots like the International Climate Science Coalition, there is a more immediate need for action. We know in Canada that the 'Harper government' has no time for building a green society and perhaps even developing green industry to supply the rest of the world. The government is apparently blinded by their self-imposed imperative that the tar sands be developed and we keep oil on stream for as long as possible. Weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels would not sit well with King Stephen's home turf of Alberta and his buddies in big business and industry. Because of that we will fudge along thinking that binding agreements are too onerous for us to bear rather than forgetting about 'binding' in terms of legal and get busy binding our nation to progress in getting our carbon footprint reduced and being a leader again in not only showing how to do it but providing the technology to make it happen faster.

I try very hard to be optimistic in all things to do with my life but it is difficult to remain optimistic when we are led by moronic governments who refuse to face reality and deal with it head on. Here is to Europe and their efforts; they are at least trying. North America is a complete embarrassment though.

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