Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kyoto withdrawal: There must be a political price to be paid | Green Party of Canada

Kyoto withdrawal: There must be a political price to be paid | Green Party of Canada

Whether you agree with the Green Party platform or not, I believe that Ms. May is absolutely correct in her assessment of the government and their behaviour. It is increasingly disturbing that the government seems to have no care for the future of the planet. I am all for the economy but not at the cost of long term survival of the planet. As a nation, we should be encouraging growth in our green sector. Invest in research in photo-voltaic technology, invest in research to make wind turbines quieter and most importantly, invest in industry that is willing to advance our position as a progressive nation. The Harper government seems intent on embarrassing us on the international stage and have succeeded at that task admirably. Next they are going to embarrass us by not being open to true discussions concerning our native people and well be content to leave them living as third world occupants until the UN takes them to task. I am not certain what the point of this blog is but I do hope that Harper and his followers start making some bona fide decisions rather than just carrying on with delivering what is obviously their preconceived vision of what Canada should look like when they are done with us.

Oh, one thing that I do want to point out is the phrase 'Harper government'. With any government of the past, I would have used 'Government of Canada'. King Stephen has made it a point that he wants his name associated with the current government and that is likely the one thing that I can agree with him on. He and his cronies are not acting as the Government of Canada but more like the Bullies on the Hill. They do not have a majority of the vote regardless how you count votes (or potential votes) but they have closed their ears to anything the majority of the people represented by other parties have to say. They are espousing positions that do not represent the view of the Canadian people up to this point and I do not believe that the majority of Canadians feel as they do in their right sliding of the country. Harper government is very apropos and until such time as they start acting like the Government of Canada, I will certainly not taint them with that nomenclature.

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